Team Approach

It's like building a puzzle. The members of our professional team bring all of the pieces together to get to the root cause and more completely manage your conditions. Read more...

Laser Therapy

Discover the DRAMATIC DIFFERENCE of FDA APPROVED Laser Therapy. Innovative and Scientifically Based, LASER therapy works on a cellular level to promote HEALING. Read more...

Non-Surgical Disc Reduction

Experience one of the worlds most advanced treatments for low back pain and sciatica resulting from herniated or deteriorated discs, targeting specific areas of the spine. Read more...

Peripheral Neuropathy

We utilize a completely new treatment that can take away most if not all of your pain and symptoms, and if you catch it soon enough, may reverse the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. Read more...

Medical Weight Loss

Experience the difference with our MEDICALLY SUPERVISED weight loss program that includes 1 on 1 coaching. Read more...

Westlake Village Spine, Disc and Pain Specialists

Distinguished and applauded for its innovation in the health field, Shani Clinic offers a new, unique and very rare team approach model that is saught after by local Westlake Village residents while attracting patients from all over the country.  We bring you a highly trained team of professionals all under one roof to facilitate this new team approach to your healthcare needs.  You will benefit as they all work together to get to the root cause of your issues and customize a treatment plan specifically for you.

    • Medical Doctor
    • Chiropractors
    • Nurse Practitioner
    • Rehab Specialist
    • Endochronologist
    • Acupuncturist
    • Nutrition Specialist
    • Massage Therapist
    • Hypnotherapist

Video Overview of Shani Clinic and the Physical Medicine Approach

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Our Patients Say It Best

Back Pain

Steve P.

(click picture to see video)

I wasn’t able to stand for 5 minutes and my back pain was real rough. I went to several types of doctors and treatments and nothing worked. After seeing Dr. Shani I can say I am one of the lucky ones. I can’t say enough about changes they made in my life. I'm off to play golf! 
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Difficulty Standing and Walking

Martha K.

(click picture to see video)

I came to sc in terrible pain. I was afraid to walk and my husband had to carry me. When I came to Shani Clinic I felt so relieved because there was a team of professional who would listen to me. Now I am not afraid to walk, use stairs, and even let go of my brace.
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Headache and Neck Pain

Tom G.

(click picture to see video)

When I first came in I was having severe headaches and had a stiff neck that was causing me a lot of problems. When I came in for the first laser treatment, I had definite relief right away...
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Couples Experience

Bradley & Dena H.

(click picture to see video)

Shani Clinic gives you the flexibility and a plan to make it work because your health is important. I think this is one of the best gifts we did for ourselves and our marriage, because we do feel better.
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Severe Diabetes

va 5

Hernando M.

(click picture to see video)

I have seen a remarkable difference in both my energy level and the reduction of the medication that I was taking. I have also dropped my sugar levels from the 300’s to around 100...
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Severe Neck Pain Radiating Down Arm

Lynn W.

(click picture to see video)

Miracle of miracles, it’s about 8 months later and the pain is completely gone! It feels like the disc has slipped back and I’m blown away by it!
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As a leading Medical and Chiropractic Clinic in Westlake Village and Southern California communities, Shani Clinic offers a wide range of innovative new treatments and therapies for everything from chronic pain to diabetes, to weightloss and even preventive care and nutrition. Our holistic approach provides healthy, natural, soothing, gentle, painless, non-invasive and lasting results, relief and healing for… 


  • Herniated, Bulging, "Slipped" Discs, Disc Degeneration
  • Spinal Stenosis and Sciatica
  • Chronic Shoulder Pain, Elbow pain, Hip Pain, or Knee Pain
  • Injured or Chronic Persistent Joint Pain and Arthritis
  • Neck Pain and Poor Posture
  • Severe Headaches and Migraines
  • Fibromyalgia or Myofascial Pain
  • Medical Weight Loss
  • Food and Chemical Allergies
  • Type 2 Diabetes, Thyroid and Immune System Conitions
  • Nutrition and Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Even if you just want preventive care and maintenance for optimal performance





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rich-roll-3 rev

Rich Roll

Endurance Athelete

Named "One of the 25 fittest guys in the world" by Men's Fitness Magazine

Read an excerpt from Rich's new book, Finding Ultra, about his experience at Shani Clinic.

Listen to Rich's posdcast interview with Dr. Shani on the benefites of holistic, preventive and funcional medicine, and how it helped him.



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Our Address:
2806 Townsgate Rd, Ste B
Westlake Village, CA 91361   
Hours of Operation:
Mon. - Thu.  8am - 12pm and 2pm - 6pm
Fri.  8am to 1pm

A New Kind Of Health Care

Distinguished and applauded for its innovation in the health field, Shani Clinic offers a unique and very rare team approach. Bringing the best of medical professionals together to provide caring, all-natural solutions for all types of chronic pain and conditions. Including back pain, knee pain, arthritis, neuropathy, headaches and migraines, diabetes, medical weight loss, allergies, preventive care and more.


Upon entering our office, one of our friendly staff will welcome you. You will have the opportunity to consult with one of our experienced doctors who will discuss your pain related issues, concerns and potential treatment options. We will work with you to customize a treatment plan that best suits your needs for your continued success toward a pain free lifestyle. Schedule Appointment...